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This site has been moved.

This was the location of a Finance Blog for the Personal Finance course at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This content has moved to the Learning Management System Canvas.   If you are interested in this content or the course, contact me directly.

We study the 4 pillars to personal finance. The analogy of four legs of a table makes for a good example.  If you take one of those legs away, the table becomes unstable. All four legs are needed to keep the table from falling. Similarly, your financial life is held up by these four pillars.

  • Planning
  • Saving
  • Protecting (Insurance)
  • Investing

While all four pillars are equally important, in the class, we will start with the Planning pillar and work through to Investing.

One of the most important things about personal finance is learning new behavior not just learning knowledge. I offer a great example of that in class with two brothers and how their behavior affected their financial future. Another example is fitness. You can read all you want to about how to get physically fit (gain head knowledge).  However, if you never do anything about it or never go to the gym or start exercising (i.e., never change your behavior), you will never achieve what you want. That is why in this course, you are given the wisdom of personal finance concepts (knowledge) as well as the skill to apply them to your life. If you do both (learning wisdom and practicing skill) you will be able to master personal finance for the remainder of your life.

Contact me for more information on the course or on personal finance.

Tim Stickel. stick@alaska.edu.  (907) 455-2087